Free shipping from 29 € in Germany, from 69 € in Europe – Enjoy your shopping!

Free shipping from 29 € in Germany, from 69 € in Europe – Enjoy your shopping!


Goat hair facial brush

Natural elegance and excellent skin care

Discover the natural elegance of our premium goat hair facial brush, not only essential for facial yoga practitioners but also provides excellent skin care.

Our goat hair facial brush combines natural elegance with excellent skin care. Specially designed for facial yoga enthusiasts, it promotes relaxation and gives your skin a radiant look by gently massaging it during facial yoga.

Wrinkle removal and improved blood circulation:

Designed with high quality and precise measurements, the goat hair facial brush lightens wrinkles and improves blood circulation in the skin for a natural glow.

Safe for sensitive skin and baby hair:

Designed for sensitive skin, goat hair offers a natural and safe option. This versatile brush is not only great for facial yoga, but also works as a gentle baby hair brush. Massage it into your baby's delicate skin to promote relaxation and support hair health.

Natural and sustainable:

Our goat hair facial brush focuses on eco-friendly sustainability. As a natural material, goat hair is an environmentally conscious choice. Combine the elegance of nature with exceptional skin care.

Enjoy the benefits of facial yoga, fight wrinkles and give your skin a natural vitality with our goat hair facial brush. Get the perfect combination of natural beauty and skin care now!


Anadoa Nature House

Anadoa Nature House

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