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Free shipping from 29 € in Germany, from 69 € in Europe – Enjoy your shopping!


Purple clay face mask - detox effect

Purple clay – detoxification experience with the colors of nature

Experience the extraordinary properties of nature's purple miracle clay, which supports the skin's natural balance, restores its shine and has antiseptic, softening and relaxing properties. This unique clay immediately detoxifies your skin with its valuable minerals and at the same time ideally regulates its oil content.

Properties of purple clay:

Supporting natural balance:

Purple clay supports the skin's natural balance and is particularly suitable for oily skin types. It protects against the formation of acne and also preserves the skin's moisture.

Restores skin radiance:

Purple clay restores the skin's luminosity thanks to its detoxifying effect. It reduces the appearance of tired skin and ensures radiant skin.
Antiseptic, soothing and calming:
Its antiseptic properties purify the skin, its emollient action improves its texture and its soothing properties help relax the skin.

Ecocert and Cosmos certified, 100% organic and natural:

This purple clay, which comes exclusively from Brazil, is Ecocert and Cosmos certified. It consists entirely of organic and natural ingredients and offers an effective solution, especially for oily skin.

Recommendation for sensitive skin:

Violet clay can even be used easily for skin problems such as spider veins and rosacea. It helps the skin maintain its natural balance and soothes sensitive skin.

Mineral-rich formula:

Purple clay is rich in iron, aluminum, silicon, magnesium and titanium. This mineral-rich ingredient absorbs toxins, controls excess oil and gives your skin a healthy appearance.
Discover the healing power of nature with purple clay and let the energy and natural beauty potential of your skin shine!


Why Anadoa Purple Clay Face Mask?

Why Anadoa Purple Clay Face Mask?

Anadoa Naturhaus

Anadoa Naturhaus

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