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Deep Hydration with Vegetable Glycerin: A Guide to Healthy Skin

Vegetable glycerin: The miracle of natural moisture

In the world of beauty and skin care, we encounter new miracle products every day. But sometimes we come across truly exceptional ingredients that aren't given enough credit. Vegetable glycerin is one of those hidden treasures, a savior for those with sensitive or chronically problematic skin and plays a key role in the mysterious world of skin care.

What is Vegetable Glycerin?

Vegetable glycerin is a clear, odorless liquid obtained through the hydrolysis of vegetable oils. Made from renewable sources such as soybeans and coconuts, it offers profound moisturizing and softening effects, making it essential for dry, sensitive and problem skin.

The special place of fruit glycerin

Among the vegetable glycerin, fruit glycerin particularly stands out. This particular type, derived from fruit, differs from other types of vegetable glycerin in its effect on the skin. Fruit glycerin can penetrate deeper into the skin, providing long-lasting moisture while nourishing the skin and highlighting its natural glow. These properties make fruit glycerin a preferred ingredient in skin care and give it a special place among vegetable glycerin.

Why Vegetable Glycerin?

Vegetable glycerin forms a protective layer on the skin that acts like a shield against external influences. This property accelerates the healing process of the skin in conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, acne and psoriasis. It gently cleanses the skin without stripping its moisture and preserves the skin's natural balance.

Effects of vegetable glycerin on the skin

Intensive hydration: Effectively binds moisture, prevents dehydration and keeps the skin moist for longer.

Promotes suppleness: Softens the skin and improves the feel.
Supports healing processes: Ideal for dry or cracked skin.

Soothes Sensitive Skin: Mild and non-irritating, suitable for sensitive skin.

Strengthens the skin barrier: Protects against environmental influences and reduces moisture loss.

Improves skin texture: Results in smoother skin with long-term use.

Antioxidant properties: Protects against free radicals and promotes cell health.

Products with vegetable glycerin

Products such as soaps, lotions, creams that contain vegetable glycerin gently cleanse the skin while providing deep moisture. These products are particularly suitable for dry and sensitive skin types and offer a suitable option for vegans and people who want to avoid animal products.

Application of vegetable glycerin

Regular use of products containing vegetable glycerin can significantly improve the health of your skin. Applied to cleansed skin twice a day, morning and evening, they help achieve optimal results. Choose products according to your skin's needs to provide the best possible care.


Vegetable glycerin is a game changer in skin care. It deeply moisturizes the skin while protecting it, so your skin always looks healthy and vibrant. With its diverse benefits - from intense hydration to promoting suppleness to sh.

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